Viewers Shocked When Adopted Girl Unwraps The Gift Her Parents Got For Her (Video)

A family surprised their newly adopted daughter in an amazing way on Christmas (video below).

In the clip, the family members walk into their living room and reveal to the newest daughter a large box standing upright, covered in red paper and a huge gold bow.

Viewers Shocked When Adopted Girl Unwraps The Gift Her Parents Got For Her (Video)

“So do you guys want to open this big one first?” the mother asks the girl and her siblings. The girl excitedly starts to try to tear open the box, but she’s unable to do so. Her father then lifts the box up off the ground to reveal her special surprise.

“Our recently adopted daughter’s surprise for Christmas was that we flew her foster sister in from out of state,” the mother wrote in a video description. “This video is her response. A special thanks to my father for capturing this special moment on video for us.”

  • The two hug each other, while other family members cry during the emotional reunion.
  • After the video went viral, the mother gave a fuller story about the girls:
  • The bouncy blond girl in this video is a girl we first heard about through the and inquired on her.

    Once we were matched for adoption, we began the transition process. Since she lived in a different state, we visited her in her foster home. It was there that we met her “foster” sister.

    After the adoption, our daughter very much missed her foster sister and worried about her. Shortly before Christmas we happened to track her down through facebook and decided to surprise our daughter by flying her foster sister out to visit.

    This is the video of that reunion. Before her foster sister flew back after Christmas, we talked to her about her plans following being emancipated from foster care. She very much wanted a family and we offered to adopt her as an adult.

    A month later, the court emancipated her from foster care as we stood next to her in the courtroom. Within minutes of being emancipated, our lawyer filed a petition to legally adopt her as an adult. Thereby making the girls “real sisters” legally.

    The amazing reunion has had more than 2 million views, with many viewers applauding the parents for the amazing gift they gave their daughter.

    “Awesome. That little girl is a very luck child, to get such wonderful loving new family,” one Newsiosity reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page. “God bless them all.”

    “Priceless,” another added. “Just proves material things aren’t for Christmas.”

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