BREAKING: Houston Astros Give a Huge ‘F*ck You’ to America During National Anthem

The sickness that has infected the NFL has spread to baseball. The World Series matchup between the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers was something many Americans looked forward to, but what the Astros did ruined the game for everyone before it even started.

Black players Cameron Maybin and Tony Sipp were joined by Mexicans Reymin Guduan, Jandel Gustave, and at least a few others in kneeling as the National Anthem rang out across Dodger Stadium.

While both teams stood for the Anthem during Game One, the Astros apparently decided to change things up a bit and give in to criticism from liberals that they aren’t showing enough respect for fellow athletes protesting police doing their jobs by disrespecting our flag, our anthem, and our military.

The Dodgers stuck by their pledge to stand to support our country.

At this point, it’s time to swear off all sports until teams replace unpatriotic scumbags with people who love America.

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