BREAKING: Muslim Judge Rules Muslim Man Can Marry 9-Year-Old Girl In Montana

There’s a reason the United states didn’t allow Muslim judges until liberals flipped out and demanded “equal treatment” for people  of all religions, even if that religion tells them to hate us. Citizens in Montana were shocked to get a perfect example of why there aren’t that many Muslim judges and why there were none until very recently.

The “Honorable” Rahid Musad, a judge in the 19th Circuit Court, heard a horrifying case on Monday. A Muslim man who came to the United States from Iran wanted to get marriedand felt he was oppressed because he wasn’t allowed.

Why wasn’t he allowed? Well, for starters his “fiancee” is nine years old.

Malik Malam entered the United States in 2005 on a work visa and was granted citizenship in 2012. Then he fell in “love” with the daughter of his neighbor, Sherry Smithers.

As Smithers and Malam became friends, he spent a lot of time converting her to Islam, which teaches that marrying (and everything associated with marriage) was not only acceptable, but was the will of Allah. Ultimately, Smithers agreed to marry her daughter off to this slimeball. But when they filled out the paperwork for the “wedding,” they were told that this was not allowed in the United States.

Undeterred, Smithers and Malam filed a lawsuit demanding that the “marriage” be allowed as a protected action under the First Amendment freedom of religion. They lost, but appealed and found themselves standing before Judge Musad, who agreed with these sick people that child marriage is a protected religious activity under Islam.

Thanks to their fellow Muslim, the “wedding” is scheduled for December.

When Donald Trump proposed the travel ban, it wasn’t because he is a bigot like liberals claim. It was because Muslims and Americans have completely different moral codes. It was to protect the children.


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