BREAKING: Robert Mueller Resigns After Clinton And Obama’s Treachery Is Revealed

Democrats just got a taste of reality when it was revealed that the real Russian collusion involved Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Barack Obama. The FBI also received a concentrated dose of facts when they learned, as did we all, that Clinton and Obama paid for the fake Trump Russia dossier that was filled with lies but somehow launched Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Ever since the investigation began, opposition research firm Fusion GPS has been doing everything they can to keep people from learning who paid for the dossier, but the Washington Post decided to do some real journalism for once and revealed that it was Hillary and pals. Fox News reports:

Not only did the Clinton campaign and DNC fund the firm through the end of October 2016, but the FBI reportedly arranged to pay Steele to proceed with intelligence gathering on Donald Trump and Russia after Trump’s election. That deal was later nixed after the former intelligence officer was identified in news reports.

You know what it’s called when the FBI, led by President Barack Obama at the time, offers to pay someone to create fake information that then is used to launch and investigation and disrupt an election? It’s called a felony, that’s what.

It also means the investigation is over. Mueller, whose entire investigation hinges on this phone report concocted by the DNC to hurt Trump, sees the end coming so he’s currently doing what anyone in his position will do when they get caught in a massive scandal: he’s writing his resignation letter.

“Mr. Mueller plans to resign by the end of the week,” a source at the FBI told Fox News on condition of anonymity Wednesday after the news broke. “The investigation has uncovered nothing substantive, and its integrity is now called into question. He feels he has no choice but to step down.”

Asked if there will be investigations into Clinton and Obama, the spokeswoman refused to comment.

Democrats have a long history of accusing conservatives of doing exactly what they are doing, but this approaches treason. It’s undeniable at this point.

Will we finally see justice? That’s unclear at this point, but Obama and Clinton have both been very quiet lately. It must suck getting caught.

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