Liberals Already Calling Trump’s New Executive Order ‘Anti-Muslim’

Liberals don’t seem to understand that national security comes before their feelings. They’ve already begun to lose their minds over President Trump’s latest executive order that eliminates a major risk in our country.

According to EO 301P0895:

“Nobody practicing a religion that engages in radical behavior against Western Civilization shall be qualified to work a government job that puts them in contact with federally funded firearms or explosives.

Further, security clearanced for those with the same distinction is hereby revoked.”

That isn’t “anti-Muslim,” it’s good safety protocol. Islam isn’t even specifically mentioned. Anyone with violent intentions towards Americans could qualify.

Irregardless, liberals have already filed a dozen lawsuits calling the order “intentionally ambiguous,” whatever that means. The 9th District Court of Appeals is expected to issue an injunction, like always, until the Supreme Court can decide, again, that Trump is right: Radical Islam is the greatest threat to our country by far.

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