UPDATE: Pittsburgh Cops STILL Refuse To Provide Security At Steelers Games

It’s been weeks since Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania police informed the Steelers that officers will not provide security at games anymore. Ever since the team stayed in the locker room during the National Anthem in September, the Steelers have been forced to hire private security firms at about twice the cost of having actual police officers provide security at games and it looks like that trend will continue.

Pittsburgh police Sergeant Ben Reilly told the Post-Gazette Tuesday that officers still refuse to step foot in Heinz Field because players are still kneeling for the National Anthem weekly:

Reilly says that officers “just don’t want to go back” to a place where they are made to feel unwelcome by the people they are supposed to be protecting.

“It’s getting exhausting. Our officers are highly-trained and do their jobs expertly,” Reilly says, “But they can’t do that effectively where people hate them.”

“This National anthem protest is sickening. As someone who served in the military and now serves as a police officer, it is the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen,” Reilly added, explaining that “my friends died in Afghanistan to protect these people and their sacrifice is met with nothing but hate.

Americans, especially our police, are getting sick of black NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem to protest what they say is police violence unfairly targeting criminals who happen to be black.

NFL ratings are steadily dropping week by week and the league is losing money hand over fist. It’s time for the NFL to apologize to the police officers its players have attacked and fire these unpatriotic jackasses before they kill football.

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