UPDATE: Cop Who Arrested Malia Obama Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances

On Saturday, Malia Obama had a bit of a scrape with the law, but walked away unscathed thanks to a very convenient flub-up with the paperwork that allowed her to walk free.

Malia Obama was among 10 arrested when they joined in left-wing group Antifa’s “day of rage” against President Trump and white people by viciously attacking an elderly Caucasian-American as she exited her church. Thanks to an error in the paperwork, Obama was able to walk free.

But the story doesn’t end there.

At around 7 p.m., local news stations began reporting on the death of a man named Patrick Farley. Patrick Farley is the name of the arresting officer who handled Malia Obama, and according to his wife on Facebook these two Patrick Farleys are one and the same.

Farley, a man who reputedly has almost perfect health, reportedly died in his bed of a “heart attack.”

Not a single news report to date has mentioned that he was a police officer or that he was the one who cuffed Malia Obama after she and her hate group attacked a defenseless old lady.

Let’s get this straight: Malia Obama was arrested committing a violent hate crime. An error in the paperwork allowed her to walk free. Now the arresting officer is dead under pretty suspicious circumstances?

Something fishy is going on here.

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